Waleed Farid

Waleed Farid is one of the very few GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coaches in the middle east, he is specialized in helping People Worldwide discover their unique innate talents and their invisible potentials,

Waleed Farid is the Co-founder of Strengths Space®, a coach and trainer based in Egypt who has more than 12 years of experience in different functions of Human Resources in many companies in Egypt and KSA, he was able to coach & Mentor 4000+ individuals worldwide since 2013 throughout his career.

Certified Strengths Space Coach

Mohamed Shoukry , DDI

Mohamed Shoukry is a passionate certified leadership development facilitator, certified executive coach, and profound talent management e consultant with more than 17 years of an excellent record of success in diversified business roles within Multinational environments, aim at helping organizations to exceptionally manage and develop talents to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

Started his career in Vodafone Egypt in 2005, then moved to Cisco in 2006. Lastly, in 2008 he joined Nestle’ Nespresso in the capacity of HRM Manager, later he joined Human Capital in 2014 in the capacity of General Manager and Talent Management Senior Consultant, moreover, he is a Corporate Facilitator with many prestigious training providers in Egypt where he delivered around 30K+ training hours.

Managing Partner @Transformage

Mahmoud El Gamal , ACC

Mahmoud El Gamal has over 15 years of experience in business coaching / consulting and training. He is an associate certified coach (ACC) from the international coach Federation (ICF) currently he uses his engineering skills and background to add remarkable quality to projects.

Believes in training and coaching as the ultimate improvement worth doing “brain development” hence he gives consistent effort to enrich his training & coaching skills, he earned A lot of international training certificates from a few leading organizations around the world. participates in several consulting projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia that vary between vision, mission, values, & strategy creations to operations, reengineering, and restructuring with a high success rate and client satisfaction.

Certified Strengths Space Coach

Yossra Assaad , ICF

Yossra Assaad has 10 years of Corporate experience in banking sector, she is the first Certified Strengths Space® Coach ever in its mission in helping People Worldwide discover their unique innate talents and their invisible potentials,

Yossra Assaad is an ICF Certified Strengths relationship and career coach, a coach, and a trainer based in Egypt who has more than 9 years of experience in many multinational companies in Egypt, she has more than 600 hours of coaching experience throughout her career. Since 2017, Yossra Assaad has managed to help individuals and executives discover their unique talents and to coach them on how to utilize these strengths in work for maximum performance. She is also specialized in employee Engagement and transformation of organizational culture.